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you're watching cbs 5 in high definition. the church that demonstrates at the funerals of dead servicemen and women put a bay area high school in its site. how the school prepared for a showdown and how the whole thing turned into a party. >> it was a reasonable thing to do. she was terrified of this intruder. >> in a fight or flight moment, police say she did the right thing by grabbing a gun and firing. what an 84-year-old woman told dispatchers after she chased intruders away. >> you know what they say, if anything can go wrong, it will. how one couple's nightmare wedding became late night podder. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. a play put on by a bay area high school. the larimy project.
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>> a controversial midwest baptist church threatened to protest outside the south bay high school tonight, but it never happened. a community came together for an important life lesson. >> ken, after a lot of talk, the church from topeka was a know show and they are cowards. >> one of the protesters said, they are not in kansas anymore. >> about 400 people showed up at gunderson high school tonight in support of the school's drama production. the larimy project. a play about the murder of matthew sheppard in wyoming. based in topeka is known for protesting with home phobic slurs. the church widely considered a hate group scheduled a protest
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here at gunderson. word spread on facebook and many people expected a showdown. but west burro never showed up. the showdown morphed into a giant street party. heavy on messages of tolerance and mockery. >> it's kind of a play on one of their most popular and controversial signs. i did a little rearranging with the alphabet and thought this was appropriately ironic and silly. >> the patriot riders joined the diverse crowd of young and old, gay and straight. >> they want to support our play and say hey, it's okay to be who you are no matter what, you know. >> the school called in extra security as a precaution, but gunderson's director said she wanted them to come. the experience has been a teachable experience for all. >> did you think the community would respond this way? >> i'm a firm believer that people are good, basically, and these people who spread hate
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are a tiny, tiny fraction of what the world is made of and no, i'm not surprised at all. >> reporter: and so all this publicity was great for ticket sales. they sold out here on their last night. by the way, west burro puts up their protest schedule online, but we can't see it now because our website got hacked. >> san jose, thank you. a woman in her 80s used a gun to confront an intruder inside her richmond home and tonight we are hearing the 911 call that followed. robert reynolds on what happened after the gun went off. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> 911 dispatchers are accustomed to callers in distress. but the cry coming from this modest richmond home took on a particular urgency. >> what's going on there? >> i caught somebody in the
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house. broke the door down. >> we're protecting her identity because the frightened woman on the other end of that call is 84 years old and as the 911 dispatcher learned, all alone. >> nobody was here but me. >> but this was her flee or fight moment and she chose to fight. >> i remember seeing a man in the hall and i went and got my gun. >> she slept with this 38 revolver at her bedside for two decades. sunday night was the first time she had to pick it up. stripped this brazen burglar of all bravado. >> listen to me, is he still there? >> no. they are gone, so i shot at them. >> you shot at them? >> the situation was a reasonable thing to do. she was terrified of this intruder. he was terrified of her, which stopped him from being aggressive and hostile and he fled. >> richmond police are not
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encouraging armed exchanges, but the fighting senior legally possessed her gun, so she had the legal right to protect herself. >> i've been a policeman for a while and i don't have a lot of situations where a victim or potential victim was able to successfully defend herself. >> but defend herself she did, even in the face of fear. >> i remember seeing a man in the hall and i went and got my gun. >> in richmond, robert lyles, cbs 5. well, it's being called a sign of improvement for sure. the nation's un employment rate is the lowest it has been in years. the national unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. that is the first time it's fallen below 9% since april of 2009. in california, unemployment fell from 12.5 to 12.4%. but economists say the numbers sent a mixed message.
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>> if the economy were growing as fast as it should, places like new jersey, california, they would have enough money, they wouldn't have to lay people off. >> the number of unaccounted unemployed, meaning those who are not actively seeking work remained the same at about 2.7 million people. a well known activist and oakland resident is now fighting to stop the proposed gang injunction in that city. >> this is a moment when all progressive radical oakland need to stand up and say no, we will not support these racist repressive gang injunctions that are directed towards black and brown communities in this city. >> angela davis spoke at a rally against the injunction being considered by an alameda county judge. it would restrict the activities of 40 suspected gang members. they would also face a 10:00
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p.m. curfew. some named in that injunction say that they are not gang members. a person of interest in the murder of a notorious white -- police arrested him two days ago just hours after his friend was found shot in his home. demar says he is extremely distressed. >> i lost my best friend, my wife in the past week. i have nothing. i lost everything because of drugs. i need help. >> lynch led a hate group that started in san francisco that attacked people in california who are not white or straight. in '98, his group instigated a brawl. he is being held on $2 million bail. checking other bay area headlines now, a recent spike
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in gang violence in san francisco's mission neighborhood has people who live there worried. the immediate plan to stop the violence is to get more officers on the street. community groups say, though, that is not enough. they want to create more violence prevention programs. documents released this week show pg and e replaced aging gas pipelines close to the san bruno blast site, but didn't replace the section that ruptured. the five miles of new pipes stopped 300 yards from the explosion. the work done in 2003 and 2004 was prompted by concerns about earthquake safety. pg and e tells the san jose mercury news the segment that ruptured was not on that project list. a 16-foot tall truck, plus a 15-foot tall overpass equaled a brief closure of 101 northbound this morning. the driver pulled over in san jose when he realized his big rig carrying a satellite
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couldn't make it under the bridge. chp shut down the highway near capital expressway while the truck turned around, went back to the next exit, and got on the offramp. >> well at least 37 people were killed in libya today as moammar gadhafi's regime attacked the opposition. inside tripoli, they fired tear gas on the protesters. more than 1500 people gathered to demand end to gadhafi's rule. they had their own rally. meanwhile, the u.s. is sending help to refugees fleeing the violence. >> we have sent humanitarian assistance teams to both border regions with supplies like water containers, blankets, medical supplies. >> and those supplies were brought in today by two u.s. air force cargo planes. two civilian planes have been chartered to help bring home
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foreign workers who have left the turmoil. it was one of those everything went wrong kind of weddings. how one couple's nightmare nuptuals have become an internet sensation. women are better than men at everything. and it looks like we do have rain moving back into the area. i'll pinpoint the day that it's expected as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on flights. now, say wedding. but you know the saying: anyt . well, it was supposed to be the perfect sanoma county wedding. but anything that can go wrong did go wrong and it did, big time. grace lee on the misfortuned that are becoming an internet sensation. ♪ [ music ] glsh driving rain and wind greeted brian and kathy on their wedding day just north of bodega bay. >> we were hoping for some kind of break in the weather, but we weren't that lucky. >> did it ruin their day? did kathy turn into a bridezilla? nope, like the storm, their life has taken another unexpected turn. their video has gone viral. >> it just really out of our ordinary character. it's really wild. we are having fun with it. >> because the weather was so bad, they tried to salvage
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their pictures two days later, that's when they got a bigger surprise. >> oh crap. this one is bigger. >> well it sort of sat me down because it took my train out and i went, wee, and slid in. >> brian was completely drenched and my vail was over his head. his phone was in his pocket so that got ruined, but i don't know. it's not something i would do again. we laughed so hard about it, because there's nothing else you can do at that point. >> they're not the only ones laughing. their video made it on to the tonight show. >> isn't that nice. look at this. okay, yeah. here we go. >> however we can get ahold of leno, we wanted to thank him for going easy on us. >> yeah. yeah. i've never been so excited to be made fun of in my life. >> and that was after everything went wrong at their
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wedding. brian locked the keys inside their rv with the wedding dress inside. rain leaked through the tents, drenching guests and the bride. >> we didn't realize that there was water dripping on kathy's shoulder. we were so into the moment. it was just unbelievable. >> then kathy put brian's ring on the wrong hand. >> at that point, we are like whatever. whatever. you know, it's our first time, give us a break. >> when they got home afterwards, the newlyweds thought they were in the clear. that's when brian broke a mirror, but even with seven years of bad luck hanging over their heads, you just can't bring them down. >> i think we are lucky, you know. it was an unlucky weekend and it has been -- our luck has turned around and it's been a lot of fun. it's a fun thing to do. we had no idea it was as popular as it is. >> let's hope their luck has turn around. their video also made on the weather channel and the ellen
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degeneres show. i couldn't list with everything that went wrong because i ran out of time. they are looking for a nice mellow beach for their honeymoon. somewhere warm where if it rains, it won't matter. >> yeah. we have been talking about this and i got to be honest with you, it looks staged to me. but now the second time, it looks real. >> the reason i think it's real because i talked to them and you see the entire thing, they are laughing so hard. there's no way you can fake that. i think it's real. >> they will have a great life together. >> i think so. >> good for them. all right roberta. if they would have called you, maybe you could have told them they were going to have high winds. >> you know how many wedding forecasts i give out? if it rains, it's the angels crying tears of happiness. as we look outside, we have cloud cover. it is our live cbs 5 weather camera. looking out toward the transamerica building. those clouds are actually producing some rain drops offshore, but they are in the upper levels of the atmosphere.
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tonight, mostly cloudy skies. upper 30s in santa rosa. to the upper 30s, 44 concord to mid 40s. redwood city through foster city. so this is the deal. watch this right here. this plume of moisture tapping into some tropical moisture. this is what is already spreading, a few rain drops offshore. as it moves on shore, we have a threat of rain drops early in the north bay. for the most part, this system should arrive by the late afternoon hours and kind of hang out there, bringing the rest of us rain by sunday. here's your pinpoint forecast, take a look at your sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. just about everybody is wet, minus the san jose area. but you get into the groove of the action with a quarter of an inch of rain. partly cloudy skies in the central valley tomorrow if you are heading to the high sierra,
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have the chains, we have light snow in the forecast each and every day. tomorrow with the cloud cover, temperatures up to 69 degrees. hey, it was 71 today in gilroy. looks like light showers on sunday. a threat of a lingering shower monday, dry skies tuesday, wednesday hey. it's the 35th annual napa valley marathon. a little bit of light rain keeps you hydrated. thank you laura for sending this in from napa. it's beautiful there this time of the year. >> yeah, you're going to see it. >> i will be there tomorrow for the round table conferences and then to shoot the firing gun to start the race on sunday. >> the firing gun? >> what do you call it? >> the starting gun. i don't know, i usually run the race, i don't shoot the gun. >> don't aim it at anyone. >> i won't do that. >> all right. coming up, the battle of the sexes. the new research that shows the
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so-called weaker sex is actually stronger. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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the author says evidence shows women ar a new book is reigniting the battle of the sexes. and the author says that there is evidence that shows that women are better than men at
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just about everything. >> that includes gambling, leading countries, and driving. what they have in common, i have no idea. alina takes a look. >> reporter: the battle of the sexes, who is superior? new research says the weaker sex is actually stronger. >> what do you make of that? >> i think that's awesome. right on, who wrote it? >> dan abrams legal analyst for abc news is the author of man down. the book's premise, based on more than 100 gender based studies. women are better cops, gamblers, world leaders, even hedge fund managers. >> men tend to go for the home run and women are more careful. >> more trustworthy. >> we are both newscasters. i have known you a long time. i mean, i can say this without question, that i'm better than you. >> you are better, and if you
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and i were to both read a similar item of news, studies would show that those words coming out of your mouth would be viewed as more credible. >> while you're at it, don't get behind the wheel. >> men get in more accidents, they drunk drive more often. >> but don't tell that to a man. >> you are better drivers when you are right next to us and telling us what to do, but otherwise no way. >> the evidence says men get in more accidents. > because we drive more. >> what are you better at? >> the book says almost everything. men are certainly better athletes. >> really? >> no. >> too bad. a scratch. my turn. >> this is the first and last time you're ever going to see me play pool. >> yes. >> i believe i've won. >> alino cho, cnn, new york. the giants have their eye
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on a certain guy. their top prospect is making noise. highlights from spring training is on the way and tonight's top five plays were so good, this one didn't make it. wait until do you see number one. sports is next. ,, [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use...
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the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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the first three teams they faced, combined for only all right tonight was game
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four of the road trip. combined for 57 wins. tonight they took a much tougher opponent in the east leading celtics. if you blinked, you may have missed al thornton's warriors debut. he played just two minutes. first half, the big three all make the extra pass to set up jeff green. rajon pushes it up the court and he stopped ray allen on the corner. five more threes for the all- time three point king. also led by as many as 18 in the half and the warriors made their run. a pair of three's late in the fourth to make it a one point game. he went off for 41, but they could not finish the comeback. rando were the easy two. the celtics hold off the warriors 107-103. last night, the high school in michigan completed an undefeated season due to this last second shot by west leanard.
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after being hoisted up by his teammates, the 16-year-old collapsed. two years later, he was pronounced dead. the team has not decided if it will continue its season. nfl news now, another day filled with negotiating and no lockout or new cba. both sides agree to extend the current collective bargaining agreement for seven more days. smile. time to take another picture with the world series trophy. it's been circulating for four months. brandon belt is the next can't miss prospect for the giants. couldn't miss that one. he keeps hitting like this, he won't be a prospect for much longer. the giants beat the brew crew by 7-2. over in phoenix, the a's lost 6-3 to the rangers. dallas allowed four runs in three innings. he is getting used to his role as the old man of the a's rotation. >> it's even more weird when they ask me a question and i
11:30 pm
have to step back and remove myself and say while i'd love to help, i don't know if i know the answers because i'm trying to find my way as well. >> do you see yourself in comparison to others? more of a guy that knows how to pitch as opposed to a guy that can throw the ball past somebody. >> you can tell me i throw slow. >> no. >> good guy. we begin the top five tonight with the jet linebacker who has decided to trademark his new catch phrase. listen to this. >> congratulations. see you i pittsburgh. >> can't wait. >> number four, i know you guys can't wait any longer for this shot of the day at the honda classic. watch this. right in there. kyle stanley is your leader. that was fun to watch. number three, 19,000 fans in london knows what it's like to get your ankles broken. lobs it to brooke lopez.
11:31 pm
his ankles are okay, but that's what they call it. new jersey beats toronto. number two, red sox and yanks, so it was josh stealing the show with a diving grab. very, very nice. and at number one, check out the new out of bounds play. danny granger threw it off the defenders back and steps in for the dunk. very nice. very head's up, but dallas beat count from 116-108. >> they learn that from a girl's team. >> we have seen that this week. >> it's a very cool play. >> and it's no coincidence that we had a red sox and pacers highlight in the show. go figure. >> interesting. didn't the guy that took his talents to south beach, didn't he throw the ball off a teammate's head? >> yes. yes. he can throw it off any body part. we'll be right back. it's legal. it works.
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